Lynn Seeney

Art Criticism Authored and Published

1989 "'Witnesses: Against Our Vanishing' at Artist Space", KINDER & GENTLER, December 1989. NYC.
1987 "Fusion Arts: The Second Coming Exhibition at Hiro Cafe", NEW COMMON GOOD, February 1987. New York.
"Aluminum Sculpture by Liz & Val", COVER MAGAZINE, March 1987. New York.
"Margalit Lubling...Commentary on Life", NEW COMMON GOOD, May 1987. New York.
1986 "Anne Tabachnick" (Ingber Gallery), ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, March 1986. New York.
"Downtown", ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, January 1986. New York.
"College Art In New York" (CAA), ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, February 1986. New York.
"Joan Mitchell at Xavier Fourcade Gallery", ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, April 1986. New York.
"Gary Stephan" (at Mary Boone Gallery), ART/WORLD NESPAPER, May 1986. New York.
"Glankoff's Art at Luise Ross" (Mort Glankoff), ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, June 1986. New York.
"Wechter Oils" (Vivienne Thaul Wecter), ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, October 1986. New York.
"Rauschenberg, Schnabel" (Leo Castelli and Pace Galleries), ART/WORLD, November 1986. New York.
"Robert Rauschenberg at Leo Castelli", THIN AIR RADIO NYC, WFMU, Upsula College Radio, November 1986. New Jersey.
1985 "Stamos' Color to A Square" (Kouros Gallery), ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, January 15 February 15, 1985. New York.
"Andrews C.C. Monuments" (Benny Andrews), ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, March 6 April 6, 1985. New York.
"Artschwager at Castelli Gallery", ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, February 14 March 14, 1985. New York.
"Jack Tworkov, Nancy Hoffman Gallery", ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, April 17 May 17, 1985. New York.
"Mark Rothko on Paper" (at the Solomon Guggenhiem Museum), ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, May 15 June 15, 1985. New York.
"East Side 400" (The Gathering of the Avant Garde at Kenkeleba Gallery), ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, June July 1985. New York.
"Downtown", ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER Summer Issue, 1985. New York.
"Pure Form" (Neo Persona Gallery), ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, December 1985. New York.
1984 "Seven Sculptors In America", ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, June 1984. New York.
"Motherwell Collages" (Robert Motherwell at Knoedler Galllery), ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, October 1984. New York.
"Dove's Natural Abstractions" (Arthur Dove), ART/NEWSPAPER, November 1984. New York.
"Carol May" (Leonarda Di Mauro Gallery), ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, December 11 January 11, 1984. New York.
"Chinese Art Out of A Mist", ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER Summer Issue 1984. New York.
1983 "Nicholas Sperakis", ART/WORLD NEWSPAPER, November 1983. New York.