Lynn Seeney

about lynn seeney

Lynn Seeney was born in the United States of America. She is a native of the state of Pennsylvania, where she attended elementary and secondary school. During her early years she traveled in England, France, Canada and Italy, where she studied for her baccalaureate degree in fine art. She received her baccalaureate in fine art from Tyler School of Art. She moved to New York City and earned her Masters Degree in Studio Arts at New York University; since then her artwork has received the acclaim of being in the permanent collections of several museums throughout the world.

MOMA educator Lynn Seeney discusses Jackson PollockIn 2001, she was awarded the Winter Residency at the Islip Museum of Art in Long Island New York. She is currently a lecturer at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and an adjunct professor of Museum Studies at the School of Visual Arts. She is the Associate Director of Creative Classrooms Visual Arts Program in New York City. Her work is affiliated with Danette Koke Fine Arts New York City, The Asyl Gallery, New York City and Gagnaire Art Associates, Dallas Texas.

"'Memory is only the result of selected elements of real events.' My work examines the layers that obscure and make difficult any true clarity in remembrances. My work attempts to capture the qualities of first impressions; the honesty, distortions and abbreviations that come with our first time experiences; the notion of a glimpse and how it is remembered through screens of personal associations, assumptions and prejudices. I explore the world of my memory and try to freeze-frame my experiences into a work of art." --Lynn Seeney